MEDIATION - David P. Clark, Esq.

A mediator is an expert on the process of negotiation, who is hired to assist the parties in solving a problem, resolving a conflict, or agreeing on a transaction.  In many cases, the subject of mediation will involve a legal claim or dispute, or an exchange of money, assets, or resources.  In every case where he is a Mediator, Mr. Clark functions as an impartial advocate for clear communication and plays an active role in encouraging the parties to arrive at a mutually agreeable settlement or outcome. 

Mr. Clark is a respected neutral who brings credibility and tact to alternative dispute resolution. His breadth of experience in mediation and arbitration is apparent in the way that he interacts with parties and manages disputes. He is an asset to the ADR program that I oversee and a pleasure to work with and learn from.
— Kathleen Lewis, ADR manager
David is the consummate dispute resolution professional. He expertly blends his legal knowledge with his keen understanding of human nature to bring matters to a successful conclusion.
— Director, Federal ADR program

Mr. Clark’s clients hire him because he has the experience necessary to understand the subjects under discussion; the ability to ensure transparent communication, the insight to know when to step in as referee when the going gets tough; and a talent for achieving success. Mr. Clark has mediated over 600 matters, in both informal and formal settings.  He is a subject matter expert in organizational conflict, collective bargaining/labor-management relations, employee performance and discipline, civil rights/EEO complaints, and commercial contracts. In this connection, federal agencies call on Mr. Clark as a neutral in order to avoid conflicts of interest present in intra-agency workplace disputes, as detailed in the EEOC's revised MD-110.

Another area of Mr. Clark's practice is Co-op and Condo Mediation. For many years, he has brought neighbors together to discuss residential disagreements and how to settle them.  Examples of issues include noise complaints, use of shared resources, and property line disputes. Interested actors may include owners, renters, boards of directors, contractors, and managing agents.

In 1997, Mr. Clark received certification to practice mediation from the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and has hundreds of hours in continuing education for mediation. Since 2006, Mr. Clark has worked as an Adjunct Professor of Alternative Dispute Resolution at American University's Washington College of Law, Washington, D.C. There, he trains students on the Interest-Based Bargaining ("IBB") approach to negotiation, as well as traditional distributive bargaining techniques and practices. His emphasis is on client-based practice, active listening, and problem-solving advocacy for lawyers in negotiations.

Fairlington Villages, a 1,703-unit community of townhouses and apartments in Arlington, VA, comprises a diverse neighborhood with residents of all ages, backgrounds and interests. Like any small town at times, neighbors have disputes and disagreements. When these issues cannot be resolved by our general manager or board of directors, we offer mediation services by Dave Clark. As an impartial third party, Dave has been successful in settling these issues. I highly recommend him and his mediation services.
— Terry L. Placek, President, Fairlington Villages

Mr. Clark is a member of the American Arbitration Association's panel of employment mediators, and is a private mediator for the U.S. Congress Office of Congressional Workplace Rights and ADR Vantage, Inc., and is a volunteer mediator for the United States District and Bankruptcy Courts for the District of Columbia.  Please access the "contact" page for a no-cost consultation.